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Welcome to CSI Linux

CSI Linux is a focused Linux distribution for digital forensics and was developed as an open source 'theme park' for the cyber security industry.

It has tons of capabilities for investigations, analysis and response! CSI Linux is available in a Virtual Machine Appliance, so you can isolate your evidence to minimize cross-contamination. It is also available in a Bootable Triage disk image (restore to an external/internal SSD/HDD/USB drive) and a pre-built workstation that you can use as a daily driver.

Why CSI Linux?

In today's interconnected world, the need for robust and efficient cybersecurity solutions has never been greater. CSI Linux is not just another cybersecurity tool; it's a complete investigation platform designed with the flexibility to meet the demands of modern digital investigations. CSI Linux encompasses everything you need for almost any digital investigation, from data analysis to threat detection. It's your one-stop solution. Our recent collaboration with Navi and Echo AI is revolutionizing the way you work. With state-of-the-art capabilities and bleeding-edge functionality, we empower you to work more efficiently and deliver a more comprehensive work product.

Navi - Your AI Assistant: Powered by the Echo AI backend, Navi is here to transform user interaction. Whether it's navigating complex tasks or providing real-time support, Navi is like having an expert by your side every step of the way.

Community and Support: When you choose CSI Linux, you're joining a community of professionals dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. Benefit from regular updates, expert support, and a platform that evolves with the industry.

About Us

We believe that having the right tools to do the job is critical for forensic investigators. That’s why we have created a multipurpose, all-inclusive, investigation environment starting with online investigations (OSINT, social media, domain recon, and dark web) to offline Digital Forensics and Incident Response to Malware Analysis and more. This is an ideal environment for both training and real time applications.

Most of our Dark web/Darknet focus is on Tor as well as support for I2P, Lokinet, and more. Above all else, what makes this different from the hundreds of other options out there? Well... CSI Linux has been developed by Computer Forensics, Incident Response, and Competitive Intelligence professionals with the support of Cybersecurity Analysts to meet the current needs of their clients, government agencies, and the industry.

Meet our team

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