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2021.2 has been released!

Default username: csi | Default password: csi

Brief overview

CSI Linux 2021.2 has many updated tools, features, and additions. To install CSI Linux Tools updates type "powerup" in the terminal window and press enter.

When turned on, the CSI_TorVPN encapsulates all traffic through Tor similar to how Tails works. The CSI_Gateway app is now pointing to at a Whonix gateway VM. This gives you two different options when using the Virtual Appliance. If you are using the bootable version, you can only use the CSI_TorVPN.

You can also add a VPN or Tor gateway to your network router for an external network layer of security.

The CSI Linux SIEM has been separated and is now separate from CSI Linux. MISP, OTX, Malcolm, Moloch, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Zeek, and others have been combined into this growing network monitoring and forensic server environment. This will be able to be downloaded onto CSI Linux or used on another system on the network.

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CSI Linux 2021.2 Virtual Appliance

CSI Linux 2021.2 (last version) has been packaged in a Virtual Appliance OVA. You must install VirtualBox first, install the VirtualBox Extension Pack, then run the downloaded OVA file. This will take some time to build. Installation document can be found here.


MD5 (.ova) e9815f65cfd7f99d17f1c3f68b94486c

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