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CSI Linux Certified OSINT Analyst


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Uncover a Universe of Hidden Information with the CSI Linux Certified-OSINT Analyst (CSIL-COA)

Step across the threshold into the pulsing heart of the digital landscape where countless secrets lie concealed within the sprawling expanse of the world’s online data. This is not a realm for casual social interactions; it’s a high-stakes arena of intrigue, where a single misstep could lead you into a labyrinth of disinformation. This is the thrilling frontier of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and you’re on the cusp of conquering it.

Embrace the challenge and hone your craft as a CSI Linux Certified-OSINT Analyst. Dive into a universe brimming with cutting-edge tools, mastering techniques for collecting and safeguarding digital evidence. Learn to navigate the vast sea of the internet, strategically accumulating priceless insights into your targets. Become a digital sleuth, crafting compelling reports that offer your clients the clarity needed to make decisive actions.

Embark on this transformative journey to become an OSINT professional. Do you possess an insatiable curiosity and the ability to decipher hidden meanings? Are you drawn to the challenge of tracing the intricate web of interactions across social media platforms, discussion forums, and content curation networks? As a CSI Linux Certified-OSINT Analyst, you’ll sharpen your online presence detection skills, refining your collection methods to perfection.

In the digital age, every investigation comes with an online facet. Even the seemingly insignificant clue can unlock an avalanche of leads, giving you the edge you need to crack the most complex cases. With the CSIL-COA certification, you’ll harness the power of open-source intelligence and investigation, mastering the art of data collection, analysis, and reporting. This proficiency equips you to deliver actionable intelligence to decision-makers, a critical skill in numerous fields.

Join the ranks of elite investigators and cyber sleuths who navigate the digital realm with skill and precision, uncovering the truth that others may overlook. The adventure of a lifetime awaits — seize it today as a CSI Linux Certified-OSINT Analysis professional!

Who can harness the power of the CSIL-COA?

Law Enforcement
Intelligence Personnel
Private Investigators
Insurance Investigators
Cyber Incident Responders
Digital Forensics (DFIR) analysts
Penetration Testers
Social Engineers
Human Resources Personnel
Investigative Journalists

Our examination is composed of multiple domains designed to provide comprehensive knowledge in the field, including OPSEC, Technology Basics, Laws, Ethics and Investigations, Identification, Collection & Preservation, Examination & Analysis, and Presentation & Reporting.

The exam format includes:

Online testing
85 questions (Multiple Choice)
2 hours
A minimum passing score of 85%
Cost: $385

Your certification will remain valid for three years from the date you attain it. To maintain your certified status, contact us at with your certification ID to receive a voucher for updated training and the newest version of the certification test. This offer is FREE for five years after your initial certification date, as we are committed to providing you with resources to keep up-to-date with the industry at an affordable cost. Remember to stay within the three-year cycle for recertification to keep your qualification active.

Begin your exhilarating journey today. Become a CSI Linux Certified-OSINT Analyst!

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CSI Linux Certified OSINT Analyst
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