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Publication – Dive Into the 5th Domain: Threat Intelligence


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What is inside? The content includes: Cyber Attacks Can Kill, Dark Web News and Dark Market Exit Scams, OSINT & Online Investigation Tips, Online, and Dark Web Investigations: CSI Linux, CSI Linux Forensic Challenge, Chain of Custody Template, Data destruction & recoverability, Anonymity on the Web (Tor and Privoxy), OSINT Reconnaissance (Recon-ng walkthrough), Autopsy Installation in Linux, Elastic Stack with Zeek (Bro) IDS Integration, Configuring Zeek (Bro) IDS Signatures, and more…The Cyber Intelligence Report (CIR) is an Open Source Intelligence (AKA OSINT) resource centering around an array of subjects ranging from Exploits, Advanced Persistent Threats, National Infrastructure, Dark Web, Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DIFR), and the gambit of digital dangers. This publication focuses on OSINT investigations, CSI Linux, reconnaissance, Dark Web, Tor, and Threat Intelligence.


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    This is a highly detailed series of articles! Great work!

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Publication – Dive Into the 5th Domain: Threat Intelligence