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Publication – Securing Docker: The Attack and Defense Way


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151 pages


8.5 x 0.35 x 11 inches

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Containerization is increasing widely with the adoption of Docker for container workloads. It’s always easy to spin a container and start working on it. But wait! Have you ever thought of the security of your container workloads? Could your Docker Container ecosystems defend themselves against the latest sophisticated attacks? Or, you might be relying on legacy security systems to make them do the security work for you. If you are still thinking the same, you need to cope with the existing solutions since container security concerns impose huge risks to the IT infrastructure. Malware like Doki and Kinsing have already targeted and exploited vulnerable Docker containers and host systems and there are more attacks to come in the future too. In such times, this little book can help you in your quest to understand the Docker Container Attack patterns and to devise the strategy for securing and hardening your container environments with a couple of research articles and a lot of tools and hands-on exercises.

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Publication – Securing Docker: The Attack and Defense Way