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The CSI Linux Certified OSINT Analyst (CSIL-COA)

Course: CSI Linux Certified OSINT Analyst | CSI Linux Academy

Embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of digital sleuthing with the CSI Linux Certified-OSINT Analyst (CSIL-COA) program. In today’s world, where the internet is the grand tapestry of human knowledge and secrets, the ability to sift through this vast digital expanse is crucial for uncovering the truth. Whether it’s a faint digital whisper or a conspicuous online anomaly, every clue has a story to tell, often before traditional evidence comes to light. The CSIL-COA is your gateway to mastering the art and science of open-source intelligence, transforming scattered online breadcrumbs into a roadmap of actionable insights.

With the CSIL-COA certification, you’re not just learning to navigate the digital realm; you’re mastering it. This course is a deep dive into the core of online investigations, blending time-honored investigative techniques with the prowess of modern Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) methodologies. From the initial steps of gathering information to the preservation of digital footprints and leveraging artificial intelligence to unravel complex data puzzles, this program covers it all. By the end of this transformative journey, you’ll emerge as a skilled digital detective, equipped with the knowledge and tools to lead your investigations with accuracy and innovation. Step into the role of an OSINT expert with us and expand your investigative landscape.

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you in each segment of the OSINT certification and training material:

Who is CSIL-CI For?
    • Law Enforcement
    • Intelligence Personnel
    • Private Investigators
    • Insurance Investigators
    • Cyber Incident Responders
    • Digital Forensics (DFIR) analysts
    • Penetration Testers
    • Social Engineers
    • Recruiters
    • Human Resources Personnel
    • Researchers
    • Investigative Journalists
CSIL-COA Course Outline
    • What is OSINT?
    • Unraveling the Intricacies of Digital Forensics
    • Preserving Online Evidence
    • Phone Numbers and Info
    • IP Addresses, Proxies, and VPNs
    • DNS, Domains, and Subdomains
    • Importance of Anonymity
    • Examples of Online Investigation
    • Misinformation, Disinformation, and Deception

    • Crafting Your Digital Disguise: The Art of Persona (Sock Puppet) Creation
    • Using your persona to investigate
    • Translation options
    • Website Collection
    • 3rd Party Commercial Apps
    • OSINT Frameworks (tools)
    • Tracking changes and getting alerts
    • Public Records Searches
    • Geolocation
    • Tracking Transportation

    • The Storytelling Power of Images
    • Social Media Sites
    • Video Evidence Collection
    • Cryptocurrency
    • AI Challenges
    • Reporting and Actionable Intelligence
    • OSINT Case Studies
    • Practicing OSINT and Resources
    • Course Completion
    • The CSIL-COA Exam
The CSIL-CI Exam details
Exam Format:
    • Online testing
    • 85 questions (Multiple Choice)
    • 2 hours
    • A minimum passing score of 85%
    • Cost: $385
Domain Weight
    • OPSEC (%13)
    • Technology and Online Basics (%20)
    • Laws, Ethics, and Investigations (%9)
    • Identification (%16)
    • Collection & Preservation (%13)
    • Examination & Analysis (%13)
    • Presentation & Reporting (%14)
  • Certification Validity and Retest:

    The certification is valid for three years. To receive a free retest voucher within this period, you must either:

      • Submit a paper related to the subject you were certified in, ensuring it aligns with the course material.
      • Provide a walkthrough on a tool not addressed in the original course but can be a valuable supplement to the content.

  • This fosters continuous learning and allows for enriching the community and the field. Doing this underscores your commitment to staying updated in the industry. If you don’t adhere to these requirements and fail to recertify within the 3-year timeframe, your certification will expire.

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