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CSI Downloads

CSI Linux 

Default username: csi | Default password: csi

Brief overview: CSI Linux has been built using the Ubuntu LTS as the backend operating system. CSI Linux has many updated tools, features, and additions. To install CSI Linux Tools updates, type “powerup” in the terminal window and press enter. This will not only keep the OS up to date but also third-party tools and our proprietary CSI Tools

When turned on, the CSI_TorVPN encapsulates all traffic through Tor similarly to how Tails works. You can also add a VPN or Tor gateway to your network router for an external network layer of security.

Learn how to navigate and get started with CSI Linux by going through our FREE course.  If you can pass the exam at the end, earn the CSIL-CI certification. Sign up Now!

The CSI Linux Investigator’s Starting Guide is the Official Courseware for the CSIL-CI on

Torrent File and Magnet Link? What are those?

Those files are used with torrent software to help download large files faster and more reliably than regular downloads. Suppose you are using a tool like Deluge, uTorrent, Vuse, BitTorrent, Transmission, qBitTorrent, or the other bulk of BitTorrent clients. In that case, you can add the torrent file or magnet link to start downloading from others using the peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

CSI Linux Downloads


Virtual Appliance for Virtual Box

CSI Linux 2023.2 Virtual Appliance .vbox for VirtualBox. You must install VirtualBox first, install the VirtualBox Extension Pack, and then run the downloaded .7z file. This will take some time to build.  Move this folder to where you want the virtual machine to reside.  To start the VM, click on the “.vbox” file to start the appliance. Please consider seeding after downloading the Torrent or Magnet.

MD5 Hash: 58d81baac75f090580e0c83e1c5ee4c1


Virtual Appliance for VMware

CSI Linux 2023.2 Virtual Appliance .vmx for VMware. You must install VMware Server, Workstation, or Player to use. Please consider seeding after downloading the Torrent or Magnet

MD5 Hash: 45ffb4ac025b31b831146a09f7d3ddd0
DIRECT DOWNLOAD – ZIP File – MD5 Hash: 2cc976f98fec534f6cc1b64e9744beb2

KVM - Qemu

Virtual Appliance for KVM/Qemu

CSI Linux 2023.2 Virtual Appliance .xml for KVM/Qemu. Please consider seeding after downloading the Torrent or Magnet

MD5 Hash: e307d9270e5472a535cf3ad777075296

CSI Linux Triage Drive

CSI Linux Bootable/Triage Image 

CSI Linux Bootable Image. Use any disk imaging software like HDDRawCopy or DD to copy the RAW/DD image to a disk. Please consider seeding after downloading the Torrent or Magnet

MD5 Hash: 670351f4386f8512e0bd2fc830487ef8

CSI Linux Triage Drive

CSI Triage Extras

This is the extra package for the exFat/NTFS partition of the Triage Drive.  Inside includes templates, documents, Portable Apps, KAPE, Autopsy, and a plethora of other Windows-based tools.

DIRECT DOWNLOAD – MD5 Hash: b5cc8d6352a37968282dcc84d5c4679f


Download CSI Linux SIEM Appliance

CSI Linux SIEM Appliance. This virtual appliance comes in two flavors (VirtualBox and VMWare). Centralize your event monitoring and threat intelligence in one place.  Here is a link to the SIEM Wiki – Here.

* Username: defender
* Password: Defender1!

Virtual Box DOWNLOAD – MD5 Hash: c7c7c42c5b50e238db2bb091879f9951
VMWare DOWNLOAD – MD5 Hash: b5bb4d3fa78486d45deffe3c6fe7c1a6