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Tag: Incident Response

The Digital Spies Among Us – Unraveling the Mystery of Advanced Persistent Threats

The specter of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) casts a long shadow over organizations worldwide. These digital adversaries, often state-sponsored entities, employ a level of sophistication and stealth that traditional security measures struggle to counter. Their campaigns are not mere opportunistic attacks but calculated, long-term operations aimed at espionage, data theft, and undermining key infrastructures. This…

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Digital Evidence Handling: Ensuring Integrity in the Age of Cyber Forensics

Our exploration into the perils of contaminated digital evidence sheds light on scenarios that are not mere fabrications but real-world possibilities that could unravel the fabric of a meticulously built case. From the reuse of unsterilized collection disks introducing unrelated data into a new investigation, to the alteration of metadata through direct interaction with evidence,…

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