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Online Investigations Course Category Description

Dive deep into the realm of digital scrutiny with our "Online Investigations" course category. These courses, tailored for the modern cyber sleuth, form a comprehensive suite that encompasses crucial areas of online investigative techniques. Here's what you can expect:

  • CSIL Certified Online Investigations [CSIL-COI]: Master the essentials of online investigative work. This course covers in-depth analysis of DNS, IP addresses, logs, and the process of soliciting evidence from service providers.

  • Open Source Intelligence [CSIL-COA]: Harness the power of publicly available information with our OSINT course. Learn how to extract, analyze, and act upon data from freely accessible sources to bolster your investigative endeavors.

  • Social Media Intelligence [CSIL-CSMI]: Social media platforms are a treasure trove of information. This course equips you with the skills to meticulously and ethically gather intelligence from these platforms, turning public posts into actionable insights.

  • Dark Web Investigations [CSIL-CDWI]: Venture into the shadowy corners of the internet with our Dark Web Investigations course. Discover tools, techniques, and precautions essential for navigating and investigating this hidden part of the web.

All the courses within this category form part of the esteemed CSI Linux Certified programs. Completing each course doesn't just endow you with knowledge, but also opens the door to the corresponding CSIL-C??? exams, allowing you to certify your expertise.

What sets these courses apart is their unwavering focus on internet-specific investigative techniques. Not only do they leverage open-source tools, but many of the tools and techniques discussed are inherent features of CSI Linux, ensuring practical, hands-on learning experiences.

Step into the fascinating world of online investigations and empower yourself with cutting-edge techniques, tools, and methodologies with the CSI Linux Certified programs.

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