In an era of pervasive digital connectivity and escalating cyber threats, the need for adept computer forensics specialists has never been more critical. The CSI Linux Certified Computer Forensic Investigator (CSIL CCFI) is a hallmark of proficiency, dedicated to those who champion the rigorous methods, tools, and processes vital for identifying, collecting, examining, and presenting digital evidence. This evidence, handled with meticulous care, stands robustly admissible in court.

In the subsequent landscape, where challenges in safeguarding digital assets and deciphering cyber incidents abound, the CSIL CCFI is more than just a certification—it's a testament to one's commitment to the forefront of digital investigation. Earning this certification underscores an individual's expertise, dedication, and readiness to navigate intricate digital investigations, setting them a cut above in a world that values specialization. Step into the elite circle of digital detectives and be acknowledged for your prowess in the ever-evolving domain of computer forensics.                                                                                                                                                                         

The CSIL-CCFI Exam details

Exam Format:

  • Online testing
  • 85 questions (Multiple Choice)
  • 2 hours
  • A minimum passing score of 85%
  • Cost: $385

Domain Weight

  • Computer Forensic Fundamentals (%10)
  • Digital Devices & Storage Media (%13)
  • Forensic Tools & Techniques (%20)
  • OS & File System Forensics (%17)
  • Incident & Event Log Analysis (%13)
  • Network Forensics (%12)
  • Presentation & Reporting (%10)
  • Laws and Ethics (%5)


Certification Validity and Retest:

The certification is valid for a period of three years. To receive a free retest voucher within this period, you must either:

    • Submit a paper related to the subject you were certified in, ensuring it aligns with the course material.
    • Provide a walkthrough on a tool not addressed in the original course but can be a valuable supplement to the content.

This fosters continuous learning and allows for enriching the community and the field. Doing this underscores your commitment to staying updated in the industry. If you don't adhere to these requirements and fail to recertify within the 3-year timeframe, your certification will expire.

Course Duration in Hours: 40
Course Intro Video Url (Embedded):
Skill Level: Beginner