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CSI Linux Certified OSINT Analyst

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Course Overview

In our digital age, the internet has become the world’s most extensive information repository, and navigating it effectively is paramount for successful investigations. Every hint, every lead often has an online footprint, sometimes even before the first signs of probable cause emerge. Introducing the CSI Linux Certified-OSINT Analyst (CSIL-COA) – your passport to mastering the intricate art of open-source intelligence. This certification delves deep into the nuances of online data collection, detailed analysis, and crystallizing that data into actionable intelligence for informed decisions.

Elevate your investigative prowess with the CSIL-COA. This comprehensive certification and course bundle plunges into the heart of online investigations, marrying traditional research methods with advanced Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques. We traverse a spectrum of topics, from foundational investigative processes to the preservation of digital evidence and even the cutting-edge integration of AI in data challenges. By the journey’s end, you’ll be armed with the expertise to spearhead your online investigations confidently and precisely. Join us and redefine your investigative horizon.

Here is what you can expect from each section of the course:

OSINT Course Outline

  • Foundations of OSINT
    • What is OSINT?
    • Importance of Anonymity
    • Base Process of Investigations
  • Preparing for the Investigation
    • Online Investigation Subjects
    • Setting up a Sock Puppet
    • Use your Sock Puppet  to Investigate
  • Understanding the Digital Footprint
    • Phone Numbers and Info
    • IP addresses, Proxies, and VPNs
    • DNS, Domains, and Subdomains
    • Language Translation Options
  • Diving into Specialized Domains
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Dark Web
  • AI and the Future of OSINT
    • AI Challenges
  • Data Collection Techniques
    • Website Collection
    • Preserving Online Evidence
    • Tracking Changes on Websites
    • Public Records Searches
    • Geolocation Tracking
    • 3rd Party Commercial OSINT Apps
  • Analyzing Media and Online Platforms
    • Social Media Sites
    • Evidence in Images
    • Video Evidence Collection
    • Language Translation Options
  • Concluding the Investigation
    • Writing the Report
    • Case Studies
    • Practicing OSINT and Resources

Who is CSIL-COA For?

  • Law Enforcement
  • Intelligence Personnel
  • Private Investigators
  • Insurance Investigators
  • Cyber Incident Responders
  • Digital Forensics (DFIR) analysts
  • Penetration Testers
  • Social Engineers
  • Recruiters
  • Human Resources Personnel
  • Researchers
  • Investigative JournalistsThe CSIL-COA Exam details
Exam Format:

  • Online testing
  • 85 questions (Multiple Choice)
  • 2 hours
  • A minimum passing score of 85%
  • Cost: $385


Domain Weight

  • OPSEC (%13)
  • Technology and Online Basics (%20)
  • Laws, Ethics, and Investigations (%9)
  • Identification (%16)
  • Collection & Preservation (%13)
  • Examination & Analysis (%13)
  • Presentation & Reporting (%14)

 Certification Validity and Retest:

The certification is valid for a period of three years. To receive a free retest voucher within this period, you must either:

    • Submit a paper related to the subject you were certified in, ensuring it aligns with the course material.
    • Provide a walkthrough on a tool not addressed in the original course but can be a valuable supplement to the content.

This fosters continuous learning and allows for enriching the community and the field. Doing this underscores your commitment to staying updated in the industry. If you don’t adhere to these requirements and fail to recertify within the 3-year timeframe, your certification will expire.

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