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CSI Linux Certified Covert Comms Specialist (CSIL-C3S)

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Course Overview

The CSI Linux Certified Covert Comms Specialist

In today’s digital age, where surveillance is ubiquitous and privacy endangered, discreet and
covert communications are necessary. The CSI Linux Certified Covert Comms Specialist (CSIL-
C3S) stands as the beacon of mastery, catering to individuals who advocate and employ stealth
communication methods, ensuring confidentiality even amidst the most vulnerable of digital

Distinguished as a stalwart in covert communications, a CSIL-C3S specialist signifies more than
just certification – it reflects an individual’s prowess in understanding the techniques and tools
vital for communication below the radar. Securing this certification accentuates one’s acumen,
dedication, and adaptability to thrive in an ecosystem demanding discreet exchanges,
positioning oneself distinctively in the realm of digital secrecy.
Delve into the intricacies of covert communications with the following modules:

C3S Course Outline
 Understanding Covert Communications
o Introduction to Covert Comms
o Relevance of Stealth Communications in
Today’s World
 Laws and Ethics
o Ethics of using covert communications
o Human rights standards
 Traditional Covert Techniques
o Newspaper Want Ads
o Dead Drops
 Burner Phones
o Disposable Usage
o Anonymity: discreet communication.
 Digital Covert Techniques
o Shared Email Strategies
o Encrypted Messaging
 Data Concealment
o Image and Audio Steganography
o Alternate Data Streams
 Encryption and Secure Comms
o Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and
Digital Certificates
o End-to-End Encryption Methods
 Network Subterfuge
o Tunneling and Pivoting Methods
o Proxies and Other Anonymity Tools
 Darknet and Clandestine Networks
o Navigating the Dark Web Safely
o Recognizing and Understanding Covert
o Tor, I2p, Lokinet, etc
 Operational Security in Covert Comms
o Understanding Metadata and Its Risks
o Tools and Practices to Maintain
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